Enthusiastic, fun loving, full of life, a wife, mother of 7 amazing children and First Lady of Motivation Church, Sharae LaPlanche, affectionately known as “Lady Rae,” wears many hats! For the past 12 years, she has been inspiring women through enhancing their natural beauty via hair, makeup, and accessories. A licensed cosmetologist and a graduate of beauty school, along with her natural ability to motivate and encourage, Sharae uses these tools to promote beauty from the inside out. As the First Lady, Sharae serves alongside her husband, Pastor Jason LaPlanche, better known as PJay, and shares her many talents with Motivation, while simultaneously managing home and their seven children! She is a DYNAMIC worship leader with a strong voice and a vision! She has a HUGE heart for women and helps them to grow in their understanding of God, and assists them in their spiritual walk.  As the Founder and CEO of Free & Fabulous LLC and a former Premier Director with Paparazzi Accessories (with a team of 105 members), she encourages women to recognize the importance of loving ones self and demonstrates that you can build your own success. Sharae helps women see that through faith, God has a purpose for their lives and helps them to walk it out. She lives by the motto "I'm Free, I'm Fab, I'm ME"!